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Help our afghan allies Find Safety!

Mohammed (name changed to protect his identity) dreams of safety for his family. An Afghan national who came here several years ago after being injured as a driver and intepreter for the US Army in Afghanistan, Mohammed reached out to us for help in bringing his four brothers to the US. Two of the brothers were in special forces like him, but they were unable to escape during the pullout of US troops in 2021, and like so many other Afghan allies, they have since encountered significant roadblocks in the processing of their Special Immigraton Visa (SIV) cases. A more expeditious way for them to find safety is is to qualify as refugees per the US State Department requirements, but to go this route, they must first leave Afghanistan and find refuge in another country where there is a US consulate -- a risky and expensive endeavor.


Our goal is to raise $6,000 to help all four of Mohammed's brothers relocate to neighboring Pakistan so that when Phase 2 of the State Department Welcome Corps comes online, they can be ready. If you agree that the Afghan Allies who have served our country deserve a fighting chance at freedom, we hope you will donate to this worthy cause.

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