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Image by Dim Hou

If you ever said, “I wish there was something I could do …”

Just like you, a small group of your friends and neighbors watched in horror as the Taliban took over Afghanistan and Russian troops pulverized independent Ukraine. We decided we could make a difference to a few of the millions fleeing violence and war by offering our community as a safe haven in which to start again. And Redding Refugee Sponsor Circle was born.


First, we identified the full range of the resources needed by newcomers, including housing, food, medical and mental health services, legal assistance, employment opportunities and, if desired, a pathway to citizenship. Then, by working through government agencies, private resettlement organizations, as well as churches and mosques throughout Northern California and farther afield, we began seeking families or individuals who would consider settling in Redding.


Even before we’d clarified our mission and applied for tax-exempt status, we found a Ukrainian family of five, the Herasymchuks, who’d landed in Anderson, having spent their last dollar. With our help, they enrolled their eldest son in school, secured drivers’ licenses and a car, and set out on a path for permanent status. “I wish every refugee could have this kind of help in these complicated circumstances,” Ruslana Herasymchuk told us.


It isn’t often that you have the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life. By joining us with a tax-deductible donation, you can help a family or individuals leave trauma behind and begin anew as part of a welcoming community that you know offers abundant rewards to those who call it home. In return for supporting their resettlement, these newcomers will expand our own horizons with cultural additions to life as we know it. 

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