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Ruslana's and Sasha's Story

Ruslana, Sasha, and their three young boys were living in Kyiv when the bombs began to drop. Through a business contact, they were able to flee to the United States, but soon after they arrived in California, their help dried up. On one of the worst nights of her life, Ruslana spent her family's last savings on a hotel room in Redding, wondering if they would have enough to eat the next day.

The situation changed overnight when a community member (who evenutally joined our team!) stepped in and helped connect the family to housing and food. This caring person reached out to others, and soon, gifts of diapers, clothing, and food began pouring in. Things really began turning around for the family when Redding Refugee Sponsor Circle got involved: with our help, the family submitted their work authorization paperwork, enrolled their school-aged son in school, applied for driver's licenses, signed up for community health care, and met with an attorney to see what their next steps would be be for attaining permanent legal status in their new home. Ruslana now greets each day with a smile, knowing that she and her family are loved and cared for and that they have a brighter future.

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OUR Story

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Thousands of families like Ruslana 's have been fleeing violence and devastation in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. Many have come to the United States for refuge, and more are on the way. Those who come to the North State will find relief through Redding Refugee Sponsor Circle. Our mission is to create a soft landing for refugees in Redding and serve as a local hub for resettlement information and services. We are dedicated to welcoming newcomers like Ruslana to our community and helping them secure the resources they'll need to make a smooth and successful transition into independent living. Working in partnership, we raise funds to help newcomers meet their initial housing, food, and transportation costs while we connect them with legal, health, educational, and employment resources in our community. We are here for the long-term and intend to continue this work for years to come.

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