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The largest expense a refugee encounters is housing costs -- our group provides local low-cost, temporary housing to newcomers through a partnership with local property management agencies.

Services and Benefits

The group will facilitate access to Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Programs (SNAP), cash assistance, and medical assistance. Depending on age and ability, they may also qualify for Supplemental Security Income or Disability.

Basic Necessities

Access to groceries, basic necessities, and utilities (telephone, electricity, internet) will be provided upon the newcomers' arrival for a minimum 90-day period.

Health Services

The group will help enroll newcomers in health services at Shasta Community Health Center and, if desired, mental health services at Hill Country Community Clinic. Once the newcomers have enrolled, they will be supported in obtaining initial health screenings with physicians at SCHC and other desired health and mental health providers covered through medical assistance.


R2SC will guide newcomers in completing and submitting the necessary US government forms. Newcomers will also be provided assistance in obtaining a state ID and/or driver’s license.

Legal Assistance

Within the first few weeks of the newcomers’ arrival, they will be connected with a legal professional who can assist them in adjustment of legal status options such as applying for asylum.


Families with children will be assisted in enrolling any school-aged children in the public education system and arranging for any necessary immunizations.

Community Orientation

Volunteers from the group will review topics such as home and personal safety orientation, rights and responsibilities, navigating public transportation, and community supports such as the local public library. Introductions will be made with local law enforcement and the fire department.


R2SC volunteers will connect the newcomers to workforce services in the community and provide informal support in the job search process, including development of resumes, support with applications, interview practice, and using personal networks where available.

Cultural Connections

R2SC will endeavor to connect newcomers with any cultural resources they desire (e.g. cultural groups, Halal food, religious organizations).


Newcomers will be connected to transportation options in Redding (e.g., ride tree, bus, taxi, bicycle) to and from employment, schools, healthcare, shopping, and grocery stores.

Language Assistance

The group can assist with translation in Ukrainian, Russian, Dari, and Farsi and connect newcomers to English-language learning resources.

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